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Light, Shadow, Color & Emotion... these are the ingredients I infuse into my images. Follow along on this adventure called life while I capture the moments worth savoring. Community, Adventure & Environment are my magical trilogy of focus. Whether shooting festivals around the world, videoing kiteboarding in the Sea of Cortez or filming documentaries as a visual voice for our planet, I guarantee it to be an enticing experience.

Photography, videography, writing and editing are my mediums for relaying my experience of this life adventure to you. My art is used to build a platform for others to be seen & capture the intricacies of our cultural and natural world. I specialize in shooting special events, action sports, performance arts, portraiture, wildlife and landscape.

If you're inspired by the images in this site, then just imagine what I can capture for you!


Hekter's Happenings Blog

Sinkyone Wilderness, CA:

In a seemingly never ending quest to accelerate my photography career, I have compromised a critical element of my being: time spent in Wilderness. So what a blessing it was that one of my favorite men in this entire galaxy decide

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Silent Frisco

Once again San Francisco raises the bar on urban entertainment. This time around we can thank Silent Frisco for toting 'The Janky Barge' art car, fantastic DJ's, a ridiculously huge supply of headphones and their contagious charm

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